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Double Braided Crown

This look would be something you would wear if you wanted to get your hair off your face but you are tired of wearing it in a regular ponytail. Or if you like wearing your hair down but want to mix it up. I also love this look for outdoor festivals, the beach and an easy transition from summer days into summer nights.


The Perfect top knot

This look would be something for when you're feeling casual and don't want to do your hair.  If you don't want to put it in a ponytail but also still want to feel styled. We've all been there, struggling with the top knot, is it too loose, too messy, a little crooked, and all the other obstacles that go with trying to end up with the "perfect" top knot. I also love this look for heading to the market, days when you're running late to work and even a date night when you're running short on time.


Multi WAVe With Feather Band ACCESSORY 

This is a versatile look to show different wave patterns working with multiple hot tools. In this look, I use both a flat iron and curling iron. If you are looking to create some added texture to your style this will give you a great look that can easily be transitioned from the weekday to the weekend. This is a look that with a little dry shampoo and a quick finesse, will take you through multiple days in a row.