Professional Education 2018!


Create your own style and master your craft.

Continuing your eduction is essential to the growth of any artist.

Education will elevate your skills, inspire you and allow you to reach the next level.

Throughout this education platform I will share with you a series of elements, methods and tools that have successfully shaped my 20-year career.

With my specialized approach to design and styling you will learn timeless and current techniques, how to grow your client connection, business building strategies and how to develop your craft through inspiration and mentorship.

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Hair Altering Extension Workshop

A revolutionized approach to enhancing your hair with extensions.


Multi Method Breaded Weft

In this workshop you will learn


  • Clean and effective methods to apply beautiful hair extensions to transform the hair, add length or volume by using a safe and non damaging approach. With a traditional beaded application and a beaded hand sewn application.


  • Multi techniques that will give you the highest impact when installing for your guest based on the hair type and texture you are working with and the clients overall needs.


  •  Consultation - how to address the clients hair color, length and texture. How to order the correct length and color of extension. Managing the expectations of the guest for a successful service.


  • Color matching and blending of the hair. Designing and detailing the extensions to blend seamlessly in the hair. The overall finish and styling and the supported products to suggest.


  •  Business behind the chair. How to effectively offer the service of extensions to your guest, book them and charge accordingly. Pre book for adjustments and the overall care and wear of the hair.


Workshops Includes

Tool Kit
Extension Hair
Model provided
Mannequin head

*** All classes can be customized to fit the of essentials of the salon


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Culture and Creation

A workshop designed to cultivate team development and styling inspiration

In this workshop you will cover

  • Culture, mission and team values based on Education and overall salon standards. 
  • Demo in Styling and Finish sharing three finishing techniques for unique finishes and photo content. 
  • Hands-on style session to recreate the demo looks with hands on coaching and photo capturing the final end result of the look.


*** Classes can be customized to fit the essentials of the salon and will have the option of choosing what Style and Finish segment based on the Style and Finish program options.


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